Give yourself a couple of hours off and relax with our choices of spa packages.

Summer’s Delight

  • Aromatherapy massage (60min)
  • Body scrub (30min)

Summer is coming, time to scrub yourself clean!

Introducing our Shea Butter scrub.

Made from shea butter, avocado oil and walnut grains, refresh y our skin with a new glow.

Available in Summer only

90min / RMB 568


  • Chinese body massage (60min)
  • Biodroga Moisturizing facial (60min)

Regain balance within your body and your skin with our Chinese body massage followed by a cleansing facial.

120min / RMB 568


  • Aromatherapy massage (60 min)
  • Choice of Biodroga facial (60 min)

120min / RMB 698


  • Body scrub (30 min)
  • Milk-Honey wrap (30 min)
  • Aromatherapy massage (60 min)

120min / RMB 698


  • Body scrub (30 min)
  • Relaxing aromatherapy bath (30 min)

  • Aromatherapy massage (60 min)

120min / RMB 698


  • Body scrub (30 min)
  • Aromatherapy massage (60 min)

  • Biodroga Moisturizing facial (60 min)

150min / RMB 798

Aroma moxibustion Treatment

  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm moxibustion treatment

This treatment has significant effect on improving “Yang” energ y deficiency, relieving mental fatigue, supplementing the “Qi” of the human body and en hancing immunity.

The warm moxibustion can dispel cold, enhance“Qi ”, which are of great benefit to regulating the health of the body.

90min / RMB 698

Lux Detox Sculpting Treatment

  • Body scrub

  • Aroma bath

  • Detox sculpting massage

The therapist uses massage technique to promote circulation of the lymphatic system and the body’s metabolism so that the accumulated toxin in the body can be released.

Professional shaping techniques also enhance skin firming for b etter lifting and shaping.

120min / RMB 998

* Spa package facial does not include blackhead removal.