Soothe your skin, soothe your mind.


Biodrogra, an innovative leader in the cosmetic market since their 1960’s, conduct their research and manufacture in their own laboratories in Baden Banden, Germany.

Bio = biological drogra= based on plants

Basic Cleansing Treatment

Relax and experience our comforting cleansing treatment. This treatment gently cleanses and tones the skin, leaving your face radiant. It includes a simple head, shoulder and arm massage.

75min / RMB 358

Deep Cleansing Treatment

This deep cleansing facial draws out impurities. The skin is cleansed deep down into the pores, inflammation is soothed and skin tone refined. This treatment leaves your skin smoother, supple and fresh to the eye and to the touch 
(suitable for oily/normal skin).

90min / RMB 488

Moisturizing Treatment

Give your thirsty skin the moisture and care it needs. This treatment increases the skin’s water-binding capacity and provides long-term improvement in skin moisture levels. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and your skin is rebalanced (suitable for all skin type, especially for dry skin).

90min / RMB 488

Oxygen Calming Treatment

Oxygen calming facial calms the skin, improves hydration, reduces redness and soothes irritation. It also helps to strengthen the cell defence mechanism 
(suitable for dry, sensitive and fragile skin).

90min / RMB 488

Blackheads Removal

The pores are opened by placing a steamer overhead. The blackheads are then gently squeezed to remove the stubborn blockage.



RMB 120

Pure Collagen Facial Treatment

Pure collagen treatment is ideally suited for the restoration of the skin’s balance, even for the very sensitive skin. This treatment, instantly and intensely moisturizes, cools and vitalizes the skin. Irritations and inflammations are soothed, tissue firms up. It acts as a mini-lift and gives skin a refreshed, more youthful look.



100min / RMB 680

Lotus Lifting Treatment

Lotus with Science Lifting Treatment, designed especially for mature skin. The lotus essence and biological peptide are used to increase cell viability, promote collagen regeneration, reshape facial contour, reduce wrinkles and restore youth. 



100min / RMB 880


For over 60 years, the French family business brand has stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation: Respect for nature and for the natural benefits of the plants. Eco-packaging since 2010.

Classic Facial

This gentle cleansing facial helps maintain and protect your skin. Exfoliating, toning, massage and mask complete this classic treatment.

75min / RMB 380

Hydrating Facial

Belgium thermal water and calcium extract from seaweed help strengthen the skin natural binding ability. Fast relief for thirsty skin, diminish wrinkles and lines, improve tightness and alleviate sunburn. Imagine your skin supple, soft and radiant.

90min / RMB 580

Purifying Facial 

Concentrated with powerful active substances, this treatment helps control oil secretion and diminishes pores sizes, restores blemish-free skin. Skin is protected, shine-free and clear Active ingredient: licorice extract and kaolin.

90min / RMB 580

Radiance Facial

This upgraded treatment has an immediate and double action: lightening age spot and brightening a dull complexion. The face lights up. Its natural beauty is revealed: luminous and glowing skin.

90min / RMB 580

Sothy’s Youth Intensive Treatment Facial

Using saffron and biological peptide anti-aging technology, this breaks through the limitations of physiological aging process. It improves aging skin on deeper level that are caused by the environment and age. It promotes collagen regeneration, reshapes facial contour, and effectively improves skin problems such as wrinkles, pores and discoloration. Age: 40-50

100min / RMB 980

Eye Treatment

With the soothing motion of the crystal baton and potent eye serum and mask,this treatment can help diminish puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes for a brighter look.

30min / RMB 260