We offer a wide range of massages from Thai Traditional to Aromatherapy and Chinese body massages to foot reflexology, performed by our skilled Chinese or Thai therapists.


Aromaheat Herbal

A relaxing aromatherapy massage is followed by the herbal heat treatment. The steamed poultices are applied directly onto the skin, allowing the heat to penetrate deeper into the muscle to help  release further tension. Our herbal pouches are flown in from the well known Wat Pho in Bangkok and consist of plai root, turmeric, bergamot peel, camphor and lemongrass.

90min / RMB 580

Hot Stone

Harnessing the deep heat therapy from the smooth stones, this pampering massage helps penetrate warmth to release store tension from within the muscles. Placing the black stones on key energy centres balances the flow of Qi, increase blood circulation and eliminate toxins from your system.

90min / RMB 598


To help mother-to-be relax their tired muscles from carrying all the extra weight, this tailored massage is conducive to the overall health of your body. It can relieve stress on your calves, shoulders and lower back, reduce varicose veins and promote blood and lymph circulation. Sweet almond base oil (no scent) is used. It is a light weight oil, gentle and mild, safe for pregnancy.

For your consideration:

  • Those seeking prenatal massages should consult their doctors first.
    You should not be suffering from any pregnancy complications such as diabetes, heart disease,
    pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc.
  • It is advisable to wait until your second trimester before taking part in
    a massage.
  • Bodhi is not responsible for any complications that might arise from having
    the pregnancy massage.
  • One-day prior booking is advisable to secure availability.
90min / RMB 538  

Primavera Organic Oil

For this restorative treatment, precious organic oil is carefully selected for your body massage. The ritual helps to restore physical and mental well-being. One of two oils can be selected:

  • Primavera Restoring Rose Body Oil
  • Primavera Relaxing Lavender Body Oil
60min / RMB 468
90min / RMB 658



The aromatherapy massage uses selected essential oils. Long palm strokes are used and pressure is applied on the entire body. It has a very gentle healing and calming effect to soothe away stress, tension and revitalizes the mind and body.

60min / RMB 368  


This oil massage is aimed at releasing blocked energy and loosening the excess toxins, directing them towards the organs of elimination. The massage techniques use long strokes over the whole body to create heat through contact.

60min / RMB 368  

Traditional Thai

No oil application

The Thai style massage uses hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to concentrate on the pressure points of the body by following the energy channels. This powerful massage relieves pain and muscle tension, frees energy flows and increases flexibility through passive yoga postures. The treatment creates a relaxation in the muscles while allowing an overall feeling of freshness to your body.

75min / RMB 368    

Thai Herbal Heat Treatment

No oil application

A massage is first administered to warm the muscles, which is then followed by the heated herbal pouch massage. Benefits includes relaxing exhausted muscles through heat, easing respiration and reducing tension.

75min / RMB 368  

Head to Heel

Two therapists simultaneously performing a shoulder and a foot massage, will surely leave you floating like a cloud.

60min / RMB 348

Accupressure “Qi” Massage

This treatment applies pressure on the acupuncture points to increaseblood  circulation and unblock the ‘qi’. It includes a head guasha to promote sleep

(Best suited for those with  particular body pain. Not for those looking for a relaxing massage)

70min / RMB 298

Chinese Body

The Chinese body massage works on the body’s acupressure points to release tension, improve energy flow and create balance.

60min / RMB 228    


Hot Stone Foot

This massage uses selected essential oils and smooth stones, facilitating toxins elimination from your system and revitalizing the body and mind.

90min / RMB 318

Nourishing Foot Spa

Let your feet relax in a milky bath while a shoulder massage helps loosen your tension. The treatment is then followed by a lemon exfoliation that helps deter odors and by an oriental foot massage with nourishing jojoba oil. Leave your legs feeling silky smooth afterwards.

80min / RMB 268

Foot Reflexology

Feet are soaked in a warm herbal bath to cleanse. This treatment uses pressure point massage to stimulate healing while easing tension on the tired feet. A simple shoulder, arm and leg massage is administered.

80min / RMB 228

Milky Leg Care

This therapy is designed specially to provide relief to dry legs resulting from the cold dry winter. The feet are first given a milk footbath to cleanse the skin before dead skin cells are buffed off with a lemongrass scrub. This is followed by a milk conditioning mask for your leg which will leave your skin nourished, while the foot massage is being performed.

Offered in addition to Foot Reflexology only

RMB 148  

Imperial Ginger Steam

This therapy is designed especially to improve circulation and ease stiff muscles, through its heat giving property. Your foot massage is followed by a leg steam (from the knee down). The steam of the boiled herbs penetrates through your skin to help restore the “qi” in your body. A mixture of ginger and algae wrap on your leg completes the treatment.

Offered in addition to Foot Reflexology only

RMB 148