A special Thank you to all of our guests over the years. For this special occasion in October , we would like to offer the following benefits for our anniversary.

With the purchase of:

RMB 3000 card, you will receive an extra 8 Chinese body massage vouchers

RMB 5000 card, you wil receive an extra 17 Chinese body massage vouchers

           or receive an extra 8 Oil Massage (60min) vouchers

RMB 10,000 card, you will receive an extra 37 Chinese body massage vouchers

        or  receive an extra 15 Primavera Organic Oil Massage (60min) vouchers


`Foot reflexology / Chinese body massages : Buy 10 get 1 free

`Aromatherapy / Ayurvedic / Traditional Thai massages / Thai Herbal Treatment : Buy 10 get 1 free

Primavera Organic Oil Massage (60min): Buy 10 get 1 free

`Facial Treatment : Buy 10 get 2 free

Daily lucky draw for every renew/new membership · 5 burner prizes a day